Native American Music Artist Jonathan Maracle

Jonathan Maracle has been writing and recording Native American music and sounds for decades. He is the founder of Broken Walls, an internationally known Native American band that has performed in such places as: Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany, Belfast, Ireland, Austrailia, China, Austria, France, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Ford Field, Detroit Michigan, Worlds Fair, Hanover Germany and extensively across North America and Canada.

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Award Winning Native American Music

I am proud to have several albums as options to hear Eaglewind Flutes in action.

First, Christmas on Turtle Island is an album of all Christmas flute songs I recorded using Eaglewind Flutes at Eaglewind Studio’s on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. This album has many popular traditional Christmas songs as well as some melodies that I just couldn’t pass up like “The Huron Carol. “Which is hauntingly beautiful and was written way back in 1604. Christmas on Turtle Island won, Flute Album of the Year and Instrumental Album of the Year with the “Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards.” in Canada.

I have 2 albums that both had several nominations in Canada as well as in the United States that were recorded under the name “Ohwihsha.”  One was called “Healing Wind” and the other was called “The Clearing.” These albums all have a Native American Music theme. All three of these albums are available through this website, on itunes, CD Baby and can be heard on Spotify as well.

Here is a review from Whispering Winds Magazine on the album “Healing Winds”
written by: Gene Bates/ Metairie, LA

For the money, the best flute album produced in 2006, Ohwihsha’s Healing Wind is a gem! The dynamic duo of Jonathan Maracle (flutes, whistles, drums, percussion) and Kris Delorenzi (bass guitar, back ground music) create a sound that is nothing short of miraculous. Soothing Native flutes entice the listener into a musical mecca which is both pleasing to the ear and the heart. Delorenzi’s lyrical backdrops are atmospheric wonders that not only enhance the Native flute leads, but embrace them like a precious child. The flute playing is flawless, the song writing is strong and the melodies just soar. This is one great CD. Favorites include, “The Call”, “Stream”, “Breathe” and a marvelous piece entitled, “Where Are You?” Healing Wind is a stunning debut CD/ Album.

I founded and tour full time, internationally with the First Nations Band, Broken Walls. Our music is primarily focused on Native American Music. We use the vocables, melodic progressions, instruments and dance of Native America when we perform. On all of our dates the flute is featured and is one of the favorite parts of our show.

Broken Walls has released 7 albums to date and each album has songs where the flute is featured. So, there is plenty of music out there for you to check out the beautiful sounds of Eaglewind Flutes.